Compacting machine CIMEX CP90

The plate compactor CIMEX CP90 is designed for compacting earth, sand, gravel, asphalt, felt and other inert materials. It is suitable for compacting embankments with incline. With its large working area, Cimex CP90 plate compactors are invaluable in laying paving, repair of sidewalks (recommended use in combination with a compactor pad), patches of asphalt on roadways. They are suitable for compacting sand, gravel and soil mixed in narrow trenches, foundations of walls and supports. The molten working plate is processed by special technology to achieve the maximum self-cleaning effect and reduced adhesion of the material. The shell of the gearbox unit is made of cast iron, which provides additional weight. All elements of the gearbox are working in an oil bath for optimum lubrication and reducing wear. The transmission of movement from the motor to the gearbox is done through reinforced centrifugal clutch and belt drive, while the moving parts are covered with a protective cover. The drive is carried out by four-stroke gasoline engine Cimex G200 with forced air cooling. Standardly, the plate compactor Cimex is equipped with 12l water tank. This allows the compaction of the machine during asphalt road repairing and reduces the release of dust while using it on gravel, felt and soil. Perfectly balanced structure and even distribution of impact on the contact area, ensuring uniform quality and compaction to a depth of 30 cm.


• High reliability
• Low operating costs
• High performance - 620 m2 / hour
• Compact size
• Transport wheels
• Foldable handle pads reduce vibration at work
• Excellent balance and even distribution of impact
• The effective depth of compaction - 30 cm.
• Cast iron plate with high wear resistance, ideal for asphalting
• Self-cleaning plate
• Water tank
• Ability to mount a rubber pad


CIMEX CP90 Plate compactor

Vibration frequency (vpm) 5500
Plate compactors
Compaction force (kN) 13.0
Speed (m/min) 24.0
Water tank capacity (l) 12.0
Compaction depth (cm) 30
Seal efficiency (m2/h). 660
Max. gradient (%) 25
Fuel Gasoline
Model Cimex G200
Power (hp) 6.5
Weight (kg) 95

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Plate compactor CIMEX CP90

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