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The drainage pump CIMEX D40.85 is designed for heavy-duty drainage of wide construction pits and any..
With VAT: 1,530.36€
Retainer, intel valve spring HONDA GX110/GX120/GX160/GX200 – 14773-ZE1-000..
With VAT: 1.53€
Telescopic A-shaped ladder CIMEX DBL TELELADDER2, 3.8 m is a must-have equipment for every construct..
With VAT: 207.93€
The gasoline engine auger by CIMEX is designed for drilling holes with dimensions between 100 and 15..
With VAT: 426.29€
The Cimex SDG80 diesel generator is designed for primary and emergency power supply of houses, build..
With VAT: 9,783.24€
Airless painting machine CIMEX AIRLESS X390 Airless painting machine CIMEX AIRLESS X390
Airless painting machine Cimex AIRLESS X390 is a professional machine for latex paint, acrylic and water-soluble paints. Characterized by high perform..
With VAT: 794.31€
The CIMEX DT135 Mechanical Jointing Machine (Bazooka) is designed for both quick and easy plastering of gypsum board joints and internal corners. It i..
With VAT: 978.32€
Block splitter CIMEX BS4214 is suitable for cutting concrete pavers and stone pavers. Thanks to its compact dimensions and transport wheels, tran..
With VAT: 322.02€
Core drilling machine CIMEX DCD230
Core drilling machine for drilling holes up to 230 mm diameter in asphalt, concrete floors and walls. Designed for professional use, the drilling..
With VAT: 978.32€
CIMEX FS350 professional floor saw for cutting asphalt, concrete, stone and other building materials. With its construction type "cart", CIMEX FS350 i..
With VAT: 794.31€
3D Laser level self leveling CIMEX SL3D 3D Laser level self leveling CIMEX SL3D
The CIMEX SL3D is a professional self-levelling 3D linear laser with cone prisms, three intersecting planes and 360-degree beam projection (12 lines)...
With VAT: 242.28€
The masonry saw bench Cimex MS350 is suitable for cutting tiles, marble, granite, bricks and building materials. The machine is standard equipped with..
With VAT: 1,039.66€
Reversible plate compactor CIMEX CR160 is designed for compaction of embankments, gravel, earth and rock, felt, asphalt and other inert materials. It ..
With VAT: 1,530.36€
The Cimex SDG40 diesel generator is designed for primary and emergency power supply of houses, buildings, offices, petrol stations. It is characteriz..
With VAT: 7,970.73€
Diamond asphalt blade 300 mm - intended for use with a portable cut off saw. The CIMEX ASP300 asphalt diamond blade is designed for wet asphalt cuttin..
With VAT: 72.99€
CIMEX D80i is indirect burner diesel heaterintended for heating large premises such as gyms, production rooms, farms for animals, poultry farms, wareh..
With VAT: 1,530.36€
20 kW infrared diesel heater designed for efficient directional heating in production areas, warehouses, drying of coatings and paints, maintaining te..
With VAT: 705.37€
The cordless grinder 125mm CIMEX CG18V125MM is a professional brushless angle grinder. Suitable for use with discs up to 125 mm in diam..
With VAT: 174.81€
The Cordless Wrench ½ CIMEX CW18V350NM-B is a powerful professional cordless impact wrench with brushless motor (BLDC / BRUSHLESS) with a 350 Nm ..
With VAT: 153.34€
With model CIMEX CD12V28NM Cordless Wrench, you have a machine that you can rely on day-to-day home or professional activities. This Cordles..
With VAT: 64.40€
CIMEX CD12V30NM cordless screwdriver - compact, powerful and comfortable is your irreplaceable assistant in your assembly work. Affordable f..
With VAT: 58.27€
The cordless impact ratchet with reverse and 40Nm torque is designed for daily use, suitable for the loosening and tightening of t..
With VAT: 54.59€
The 21-inch metal housing will make cleaning easy, fast and efficient. The pressure washer head has two double bearings so you can be sure that it wil..
With VAT: 610.30€
Wall chaser CIMEX F1450 is designed to cut narrow grooves in walls for electrical cables, water and gas pipes. The wall chaser can be hooked with a va..
With VAT: 383.36€
The CIMEX trencher is designed for easy installation of sewer pipes, water systems, garden equipment and, also for planting trees, putting fibre wires..
With VAT: 2,450.41€

CIMEX is a Bulgarian professional construction equipment and light machinery trademark. 

CIMEX has been on the market from 2013 and in that period more than 12 500 clients have happily purchased equipment with the CIMEX brand.  Our partners are construction companies and many different companies working in the infrastructure building and maintaining the area. 


Our variety of products consists of professional machinery for concrete manipulation, compacting, cutting,  sanding, drainage, welding and many others.


At CIMEX, you can find professional compactors, concrete trowel, drainage pumps, electric generators, diamond discs, mansory tables and many other machineries.


From 2016 our clients can visit our showroom/ warehouse where our product can be seen.